Electronics By Knowledge provides portal and control tower solutions to enclose dealer networks with return, exchange and repair activities for Car-manufacturers and (Electronic) suppliers related to the Automotive and other industries. In addition , Electronics By knowledge delivers technical support, repair, test and analyse facilities, warehousing, consultancy and act’s as a full service provider.

Control tower

Control Tower Solutions (CTS) is developed, designed and implemented by Electronics By Knowledge to achieve full transparency and control for our B2B customers and suppliers supported and available as a global solution. Our CTS solutions can be operated stand alone or as an integrated application. For product exchange programs, recalls and product-return programs CTS makes availability possible for the whole distribution chain and network including involved suppliers.

Control tower flow

EBK-CTS provides you:

  • Process control
  • Quick access to/for your dealer network for exception, return , exchange, repair or recall activity’s
  • Third country logistics
  • Direct insights
  • Return process Support to your network
  • Enclose your network for return handling and exchange programs
  • Access and handling for overseas suppliers/manufacturers without footprint in Europe


Our specialist engineers form the core team at our ESD-safe workshop. By carrying out repairs on both a component and modular basis, we are able to offer our customers both quality and cost-effective opportunities.
EBK is fully authorised for repair work for a large number of brands, whether under guarantee or not. This allows us to deal with your order in the optimum way. We offer a unique, one-stop shopping concept: one process for various brands. With the result: an efficient, streamlined and optimally cost-effective process.


Remanufacturing is a separate discipline within EBK. We carry out remanufacturing work for various OEM customers, fully in accordance with factory specifications. All the work and procedures take place in a dedicated department, in accordance with the work instructions and protocols established by the automotive manufacturer, in conjunction with the car make, the fixed procedures and protocols.
All the units in this process are tested twice, according to standardised test protocols for functional specifications, and undergo a final acceptance test prior to delivery. In this way, we are able to achieve our aim of meeting delivery times, according to target and with the highest possible quality.