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 Marconiweg 15
 3899 BR   Zeewolde
 The Netherlands
 Tel: +31(0)36-5218400
ISO 9001:2015 Certified



Our specialist engineers form the core team at our ESD-safe workshop.
By carrying out repairs on both a component and modular basis,
we are able to offer our customers both quality and cost-effective opportunities.

EBK is fully authorised for repair work for a large number of brands, whether under guarantee or not. This allows us to deal with your order in the optimum way. We offer a unique, one-stop shopping concept: one process for various brands.
With the result: an efficient, streamlined and optimally cost-effective process.


Service is more than just repair work!
By using the Exchange and advanced Exchange programmes for our home and European customers,
we are able to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.
The starting point is to achieve an economically optimum solution with high-quality functionality,
with the interests of the customer/user at the forefront.


The advantage of this flexibility, in combination with a highly qualified technical and support workforce,
comes to the fore in our ability to take on last-minute rework jobs.
Rework orders often arrive unexpectedly and at the last minute, and this is when a reliable service partner is essential.


Remanufacturing is a separate discipline within EBK.
We carry out remanufacturing work for various OEM customers, fully in accordance with factory specifications. All the work and procedures take place in a dedicated department, in accordance with the work instructions and protocols established by the automotive manufacturer, in conjunction with the car make, the fixed procedures and protocols.

All the units in this process are tested twice, according to standardised test protocols for functional specifications, and undergo a final acceptance test prior to delivery. In this way, we are able to achieve our aim of meeting delivery times, according to target and with the highest possible quality.


On the logistics front, we offer a collection service through our reliable national and international transport partners.
An email ( from your organisation to EBK is all that is required to put the collection process in motion, saving you valuable time as you do not need to fill in any complicated forms. Our regular customers can start this procedure via the dealer login, which also gives access to tracking and tracing.

This service, which is unique in our market, is one of the many strong points of the EBK one-stop shopping concept. To maintain the quality of this process, the performance of our transport partners is continuously monitored and periodically evaluated.


We also provide a range of services for OEM customers.
This includes:
- Direct repair service
- Exchange service
- Remanufacturing
- Local or Pan-European logistics

Please ask us about any of these or other options.